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I like to think of this book as a gem in my growing collection.  Dr. Alex Quaison-Sackey was a Ghanaian diplomat who served during the first and third republics. He was the first black African to serve as president of the United Nations General Assembly. He was president of the Assembly in the early 60’s meaning he dealt directly with revolutionary Cuba (he later served as Ghana’s ambassador to Cuba) and also personally aided his close friend Malcolm X (gave him an office in the UN building) in his quest to present the civil rights struggle before the United Nations within a human rights context.

I had to track down this book after learning that Dr. Quaison-Sackey and my grandfather were friends from boyhood till they both passed in the early 90’s. They both served in Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s government.

Africa Unbound  essentially spells out the Pan-Africanist ideology that influenced his generation and spawned the liberation of many nations. It is also the personal statement of a very remarkable man.

Carry On Tradition!

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